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With the Party Congress Over, China Cools Off Right on Schedule

We told readers not to expect financial fireworks in China through 2017. The reason had to do with a Communist Party Congress that happens every five years and just concluded. China’s President Xi Jinping wanted a second five-year term and expanded powers from the Congress, and he got it. He also wanted to make sure

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After Ten Years of Easy Money, Investors May be in for a Shock!

It’s true that the Fed has been raising interest rates since 2015, and had engaged in tapering for two years before that. Yet, these actions hardly constitute tight money. The tightness or ease of monetary policy needs to be judged relative to financial and economic conditions. You can have “easy money” at a 10% interest

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Signs of a Stock Bubble Are Everywhere. Here’s Another One.

  The article above described the stock market (and other markets) as a bubble. Where’s the proof for this? Actually, it’s everywhere. The Shiller CAPE ratio is at levels only seen at the 1929 crash that started the Great Depression, and the 2000 bubble. Likewise, the market capitalization-to-GDP ratio is above the level of the 2008

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