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Is This Good News About China Just Wishful Thinking?

Andrew Sheng is one of the most astute and plugged-in analysts on the Chinese economy. I read his work on a regular basis and it is always worth the time and effort. Sheng has been highly critical of many Chinese economic initiatives and has pointed out their flaws. In this article, he takes a more positive

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U.S. and North Korea are Back on the Path to War

This time last year I made some headlines with an analysis that indicated the U.S. and North Korea were on a path to war that would probably erupt in the spring of 2018. The analysis was straightforward. North Korea was testing intercontinental ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons. Once these technologies were mastered, a warhead could

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Russia Launches Largest War Games Since the Fall of the Soviet Union

If you rely on U.S. mainstream media, you might think that Russia was on its last legs. Mainstream outlets like The New York Times and the Washington Post continually publicize U.S. sanctions on Russia and the supposedly declining Russian economy and diminished hard currency reserves. The opposite is true. Russian growth has slowed a bit, but is still strong.

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Even the Fed is Now Warning About Recession

The Federal Reserve has existed for 105-years; it was founded in 1913. The Fed prides itself on economic forecasting, which it uses for purposes of setting monetary policy. The U.S. has had 19 recessions since the Fed was created and the Fed has predicted none of them. That’s right. With all of its forecasting machinery, the Fed

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