1. Mid-Term Chaos and the Stock Market DUMPING! What’s Next? Kevin Massengill Returns to Crush The Street

    Crush The Street Interview Topics:

    01:15 Mid-term misery and global monopoly money
    05:35 Trump Vs Socialism – Which one prevails?
    12:35 Rise of the hard left and Obama’s aftermath
    21:35 Cyclical economic and generational shifts throughout history
    29:50 Are people ready for Artificial Intelligence’s impact on jobs
    36:05 Merging human and machine intelligence using mathematics
    46:45 How to find out more about Kevin Massengill’s work
    Institutional investors can schedule a proof of concept with the world’s first predictive data analytics firm combining human and artificial intelligence with complexity science. Check out Jim Rickard’s company at Meraglim Holdings to learn more.
  2. Find Out What China Thinks Of Trump’s Trade War

    You likely know what the U.S. government’s position is on trade wars with China, but what does China’s government think? In this episode, Kevin Massengill joins Robert & Kim to discuss China’s perspective. Massengill’s research offers insight that will aid anyone seeking information on this vital economic issue.

  3. Future Financial Crises Will Be Deeper, Universa’s Spitznagel Warns


    The author of “The Dao of Capital”, Mark Spitznagel, speaks about the negative impact of interest rate manipulations by central banks.

  4. Outer Limits Radio Interview of Meraglim™ CEO, Kevin Massengill, for their series: The Economic Collapse

    The Economic Collapse Part I
    Featuring (In Order Of Appearance)
    06:12 – Peter Schiff, CEO of EuroPac & Bestselling Author
    17:40 – Gerald Celente, Trends Forecaster & Publisher of the Trends Journal
    36:26 – Dr. Ron Paul
    43:52 – John Williams, CEO of Shadow Statistics
    1:02:31 – Greg Hunter, Host & Executive Producer of USA Watchdog Radio
    The Economic Collapse Part II:
    Featuring (In Order Of Appearance)
    00:36 – Jim Rogers, Legendary Investor
    05:09 – Chris Duane, Financial & Investing Expert
    34:47 – Kevin W. Massengill, CEO of Meraglim Holdings
    1:02:07 – Robert Wiedemer, Publisher & Financial Manager
  5. The Jay Kim Show Episode #78: Kevin Massengill

    What do you get when you combine artificial intelligence, human intelligence experts, behavioral psychology, history, and complexity science? You get something that looks like magic. You get RAVEN™, patent pending, the predictive tool developed by Meraglim™ for analysts and investors.
    In today’s episode, Kevin Massengill, Meraglim’s founder and CEO, argues that the emperor has no clothes: the shell game that is our financial system is on the ropes. To thrive in today’s market, investors need a way to aggregate and distill the available data so that intelligent investment decisions can be made.
    In today’s episode you’ll learn:
    • About Kevin’s career path and about how and why he teamed up with Jim Rickards to build Meraglim™
    • How RAVEN™, patent pending, is changing the way analysts distill and digest information
    • About Meraglim’s business model
    • Kevin’s thoughts about sound investments and cryptocurrencies
  6. Meraglim™ CEO Kevin Massengill on the Chinese central bank trilemma and our view of the risk of a major devaluation of the Yuan.