A reliable feature of progressive ideological movements is that practitioners eventually turn on each other. That seems to be happening now among climate change alarmists.

Climate change is a reality. I used to live on Long Island Sound, which was a glacier 10,000 years ago. Today, it’s a nice body of water (with a rocky shore typical of former glaciers) good for sailing, fishing and other water sports. But climate change is relatively slow and is driven by large forces such as solar cycles, volcanoes and other natural phenomena.

There’s no evidence that C02 has anything to do with climate change. C02 is a trace gas that affects almost nothing, except it’s an essential source of plant food. (Plants “inhale” C02 and “exhale” oxygen.) The best evidence is that we’re in a C02 drought (about 400 parts per million compared with 1,000 parts per million in past periods).

Alarmist models of correlation between warming and higher amounts of C02 have the causality backward. C02 does not cause warming. Warming causes C02 release through tundra thaws and other channels.

Warming trends ceased in the late 1990s and sea level increases today are about seven inches per 100 years, hardly noticeable and likely to be reversed. Still, the alarmist climate agenda lives on.

In this article, the climate alarmist Adair Turner criticizes the climate change moderate William Nordhaus for not being alarmist enough. Turner fails to mention that his models (and Nordhaus’ models, for that matter) are riddled with false assumptions, bad data, inverted causation and erroneous extrapolations.

Their real agenda is to define a “global problem” so they can advance “global solutions” such as world governance, world taxation and world rule by elites. Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing and beware of false science dressed up as climate change.

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