Zombies and vampires are known for their ability to keep attacking their victims even after they are supposedly “dead.” For a real-life case, one need only consider the effort in 1916 by Russian princes to assassinate Rasputin, a mystic and adviser to the tsar of Russia and his family.

Rasputin was poisoned with cyanide cakes, drank poisoned wine and was shot and given up for dead. But Rasputin rose and attacked his attackers. Finally he was shot again, wrapped in a blanket and thrown into a freezing river. That appeared to be the end of Rasputin, but who really knows with a mystic?

I was reminded of these zombie and vampire comeback stories when I read this article. Hillary Clinton ran for president twice (2008 and 2016) and lost decisively both times. In 2008, Barack Obama beat Clinton in the primaries. In 2016, Donald Trump scored a decisive 304-227 victory over Clinton in the Electoral College (Clinton got more popular votes).

With two defeats on her résumé and approaching her 72nd birthday, it seemed that Hillary was done with electoral politics once and for all. Not so fast! It now looks like she’s planning a comeback.

Hillary has a full week of high-profile interviews this week on CBS Sunday MorningThe Late Show WithStephen Colbert and The View. She has also been outspoken about the impeachment process, calling Trump an “illegitimate president” (in reference to how he won in 2016) and claiming that Trump was using the same tricks to win in 2020.

Clinton may have calculated that Joe Biden will be severely wounded by his family’s involvement in Ukrainian kickbacks and Elizabeth Warren has been soundly rejected by the big Wall Street money. Bernie Sanders is fading (and he’s not even a Democrat — he’s a registered socialist) and the other candidates have shown no momentum at all.

With such a weak and fading field, Hillary Clinton may be able to ride in on a white horse at the last minute to sweep the field and set up a rematch against Trump. Keep an eye on this. Stranger things have happened. Just ask Rasputin.

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