Organ transplants are a miracle of modern science. Those who are declared dead and have made a donor election before death can provide kidneys, hearts and other vital organs to those in need.

The procedures for organ removal, preservation and quick delivery to patients waiting for a transplant are well established in the U.S. and elsewhere around the world. But what if the “donation” is not voluntary but rather coerced by state power? What if the “donor” isn’t dead when the organs are removed? What if the organs are removed from still-living victims without the use of anesthetic?

That’s exactly what’s going on in China today as described in this article. China is targeting religious minorities for this horrific treatment. Uighur Muslims, members of Falun Gong and Catholics have all been targeted.

First, they are sent to concentration camps for political reeducation. Those who are not fully brainwashed are singled out for much worse treatment, including forced organ removal.

These organs feed a multibillion-dollar business in “transplant tourism” that thrives in China. Once the victim’s organs are removed, the body is cremated in industrial-scale crematoria, exactly as the Nazis did to Holocaust victims in the 1940s. The official reports described in the article state that Chinese organ harvesting from living victims is the worst human rights atrocity of the 21st century.

Of course, every effort must be made to end this practice starting with a prohibition on Americans going to China to receive organs. This begs the question of why American companies do business with China at all and why Americans consume any goods from China.

There are certainly viable alternatives for manufacturing and production in Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and other low-cost countries in Asia that do not engage in atrocities.

This story is one of many reasons why the so-called “trade war” with China is more than just a trade war. It’s a clash of civilizations and will persist for years and decades to come. Investors should steer clear of China plays. They have nowhere to go but down.

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