The so-called “climate crisis” is one of the greatest public policy hoaxes ever perpetrated. That said, the hoax is not ending soon.

Investors and concerned citizens need to see through the fog of false science and rigged data if they really want to understand what’s going on. First of all, climate change is real, but it’s not the critical crisis the alarmists would have you believe.

I lived a decade on Long Island Sound. Ten thousand years ago the sound was a glacier. Today, you can sail, fish or paddle board on it and it’s a major water transportation pathway. That’s climate change, but it played out over thousands of years and was caused not by internal combustion engines (there weren’t any) but by solar cycles, volcanos, ocean warming and cooling and other factors that defy easy measurement and modeling.

The best evidence with regard to carbon dioxide (C02) is that it does not cause warming (in fact, the opposite is true, warming causes C02 release). Of course, C02 is needed for plant growth and survival.

This article shows that the climate alarmist deception is even deeper than we expected. Many data collection points that were suitably located when they were set up in 1923 have since been invaded by fast-food restaurants, heat exhaust fans and asphalt parking lots that make ambient temperatures higher in ways that have nothing to do with global warming. In fact, newly improved measurement techniques show that there has been no warming for the past 14 years, and a slight cooling trend has been detected.

It’s also the case that U.S. C02 emissions have declined sharply and are now back to the levels of 1985. Alarm about climate change and the Green New Deal are frauds perpetrated by those who want to seize control of the economy for their own purposes. The data in this article (and many other sources) show this fraud for what it is.

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