If you’re bored or confused by the so-called “impeachment” inquiry in the House of Representatives, join the club. Recent polls show voter sentiment is shifting away from impeachment toward a desire to end the proceedings and move to substantive legislation on trade, health care and the economy.

Still, impeachment is a big deal even if the process is flawed and biased.

The headlines have been all about a “quid pro quo” of Ukraine aid in exchange for investigations of the Biden family. There has also been talk of “bribery” charges as if Trump “paid off” Ukraine with aid in exchange for political dirt on the Bidens. I’ll leave all of that to the pundits and talking heads.

What’s more intriguing is there may be a perfectly legal (albeit political) reason for the timing of Trump’s release of aid to Ukraine. According to this article, members of the Senate (including many Republicans) were concerned about Trump’s holdup of aid and were pushing legislation to force the president to release the money. Trump was informed that the Congress was going to force his hand, so he simply released the aid to avoid being targeted by the legislation.

The aid release had nothing to do with quid pro quo, bribery or exposure by the so-called “whistleblower.” It was a simple political calculus of the kind politicians make every day, and not the result of deep state or White House plots.

Too bad this was not revealed sooner. It could have saved the whole country a lot of anguish. As it is, the impeachment charade is going to drag on to the detriment of the country and the consternation of markets.

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