ABC Bullion interviewed Jim Rickards, Economist and New York Times Best Selling Author, on 19th August 2019 just before his keynote presentation at our National Conference: A Global Case for Gold. After a personalised tour of ABC Refinery’s operations, Jim kindly made time to cover a number of topics including:

0:11 – Why has China has recently restricted gold imports?

1:55 – Is the dollar shortage in China and other emerging markets a systemic risk to the global economy?

4:45 – What is the future for Australia when its key security partner, being the US, is in a developing cold war with China, its top economic partner?

6:42 – As the world’s second largest gold producer with most of that going to China, how does that complicate Australia balancing it’s relationship between US and China?

8:21 – With Russia looking eastwards and firming its relationship with China do they risk being seen as the junior partner? What do you think about their rapid accumulation of gold reserves and what message does that send to the rest of the world?

12:17 – What is the role of special drawing rights in the future? Can they compete with gold as a supra national reserve asset for central banks?

16:15 – Gold has been in a stealth bull market since 2015, Jim sees the way clear to $2,000 an ounce.

18:32 – Comments on the gold:silver ratio. The interview was filmed in front of the world’s first fully automated bullion bar production line, recently commissioned at ABC Refinery’s facility in Sydney.