Fires in the Amazon have put climate change back in the headlines (although there was already a heavily orchestrated campaign of climate change articles in the media prior to the fires).

The notion is that the Amazon rainforest produces a substantial portion of all the oxygen on the planet as well as absorbs a substantial part of all the carbon dioxide produced. Both claims are true.

The story was that Amazon forest fires would diminish the capacity of the Amazon to perform these dual functions of carbon dioxide absorption and oxygen generation. In turn, this would make the climate change crisis even worse because the carbon dioxide would build up in the atmosphere and accelerate global warming. That story is pure nonsense.

First of all, there is no evidence that carbon dioxide causes global warming. There is some correlation, but warming causes carbon dioxide release, not the other way around. Moreover, a mild global warming episode appears to have ended around 1998. Claims of “record” temperatures since then are based on dubious measurements (including putting land-based thermometers in asphalt parking lots; satellite infrared measurements show no warming), and the results are within the margin of error.

Sea levels are not rising at a pace that would inundate any island nations; they’re rising at a rate of seven inches per 100 years and even that rise is likely to reverse long before 100 years have passed. For that matter, the Amazon fires are not at all unusual; it would be unusual if there were no fires.

Climate does change, but not because of carbon dioxide and not in ways that humans can control. Since that’s the case, what’s behind the climate hysteria? What’s the elite hidden agenda using climate alarmism as a Trojan Horse to advance? The answer is contained in this article. 

Since climate does not respect political borders, any response to climate change must ignore borders also. In short, climate change is an excuse for global governance, global taxation and intervention in the internal affairs of sovereign states by unelected global bureaucrats.

In effect, the climate change agenda is a form of neocolonialism in which multilateral organizations such as the G7 tell developing economies how to behave. Real climate change is slow and driven by sun cycles. Political “climate change” is fast and driven by the elites’ desire to tell the rest of us what to do.

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