It’s impossible to turn on your computer or TV these days without hearing about “Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine.” A country that most Americans can’t find on a map (Hint: It’s next to Russia in Eastern Europe) has become ground zero for accusations flying in both directions and the potential impeachment of President Donald J. Trump.

Democrats say that Trump used congressionally approved lethal military assistance as a lever to obtain cooperation from Ukraine in an investigation of Joe Biden, the search for a server that allegedly contains Hillary Clinton’s “lost emails” and more. This is allegedly official “bribery” because Trump was offering “money” (the military assistance) in exchange for a “personal benefit” (dirt on Biden to help the Trump 2020 campaign).

Republican defenders claim that the money was released (it was) and that no investigation was launched (true), so there was no bribery and no quid pro quo. Even if you fall back on “attempted bribery” (a vague charge on these facts), Republicans say the investigation called for related to the 2016 campaign and was therefore proper law enforcement, not an illegal interference in the 2020 campaign.

Take your pick. But there’s another story here. Why were Republicans so adamant about the investigation in the first place? Why were Democrats so entrenched in opposing any investigation of 2016 activities in Ukraine to the point of impeachment?

As described in this article, the answer is that there was wrongdoing in Ukraine in 2016, mostly by Democrats but by some Republicans too. The reason the Democrats are hiding the impeachment “whistleblower” is that intensive questioning might reveal that he was a pro-Ukrainian operative all along, with close ties to Joe Biden and the CIA’s John Brennan.

It also appears that Ukraine was a financial honey pot for Democrat politicians. The U.S. put billions of dollars of assistance into Ukraine from 2014–17, when Trump was sworn in. The U.S. also pressured the IMF to lend billions more to Ukraine (even though Ukraine did not meet any of the IMF’s usual lending qualifications). Where did the money go?

Millions of dollars were kicked back to the Clinton Foundation as “contributions” and to Joe Biden’s son Hunter as “consulting fees.” Why was poor, corrupt Ukraine making millions of dollars of contributions to the Clintons?

The truth will come out as the impeachment proceedings move to the Senate for a trial early next year. It will not be pretty. The bitterness between the two parties will just get worse.

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