Global markets have never been more difficult to navigate. Central bank interventions and geopolitical risk make it a challenge to achieve investment objectives, improve downside capture ratios to generate more alpha, or differentiate portfolio risk management processes to help increase assets under management (AUM).

At Meraglim™, we believe that global risks are mounting for a world misled by the current outdated financial models that blind policymakers and investment managers to emergent threats and opportunities. Our goal is to leverage our expertise in complexity science, capital markets, defense, and intelligence to help our clients preserve and grow assets in challenging markets. Paired with the highest level of artificial intelligence, our team of experts in these different areas provides risk analysis solutions specifically tailored to your needs.

Our proprietary analytic engine and an interdisciplinary process is a major breakthrough in active investing and we invite you to learn more about what Meraglim™ can do for you by contacting us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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