It’s more than your business.

It’s your legacy.




Derivatives Acquisitions

Meraglim helps ameliorate the frustrations of growing your business and deliver on the promise of intergenerational wealth.

Mitigate Risk

As an investment holding company, Meraglim looks to invest in or acquire well-managed companies looking to grow through acquisition. We partner with well-managed companies – working with business owners to accelerate growth while you retain up to 40% equity for future growth.

Continue to Manage

As a portfolio company, you will receive support from leading experts in the area in order to achieve growth. You will maintain a significant interest in the company with the potential to realize even more substantial returns upon second exit.

Maximize Generational Wealth

Meraglim’s focus is protecting your legacy while you maximize your ownership stake. This allows owners to retain up to 40% of their company, create liquidity for the present, while positioning your family to realize generational wealth.

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