Meraglim is an investment holding company led by former executives from Fortune 500 companies on a mission to set a new standard in business growth and value creation.

Who We Are

Our Board of Directors, Board of Advisors, and executive leadership team consist of senior executives and scientists with a combined work experience exceeding 260+ years of experience working throughout all stages of business.

Our team is comprised of the unparalleled expertise of:

C-suite executives from capital markets, defense, and intelligence

Owners from complexity science, artificial intelligence, and predictive analytics

Seasoned Fortune 100 science and technology operational leaders

Senior strategy & corporate development with over $300 billion in closed transactions (including public derivatives)

Our Approach

Growth Partnership Model Business owners can retain up to 40% equity for future growth

Non-Control Management Style Hands-off management of executive team

Buy-Side M&A Services Capital and resources for accretive growth


Meraglim is building a one-of-a-kind federation of independent professional, scientific, and technical companies with one goal: improve customer outcomes while enjoying synergies and shared economies of scale.

Grow Your Business

As a portfolio company, you will receive support from leading experts in the area in order to achieve growth. You will maintain a significant interest in the company with the potential to realize even more substantial returns upon second exit.

Improve Profitability

Being a member company enjoy reduces operating costs to allow for higher profitability. Tier 1, centralized services such as HR, Legal, Accounting, and Marketing are offered at discounted rates.

Become an Acquirer

Meraglim’s M&A advisory resources and capital will help you identify bolt-on acquisitions for rapid growth. We will identify, vet, structure, and fund acquisitions under your brand.


Business Development Centralized sales and marketing, cross sales opportunities within portfolio, government contract sourcing.

Professional Services Access to Tier 1 back-office support. Discounted rates for services such as HR, Legal and Accounting.

Buy-Side M&A Services Advisory provided by Kennedy Capital. Capital, legal and accounting services provided by Meraglim Holdings.

Board of Advisors Access to elite professionals and their network of subject matter experts.

The Story Behind Our Name

Because our mission is to proactively identify threats and opportunities, we chose to name our firm after the Meraglim®, the reconnaissance team that Moses sent into the Promised Land described in Numbers Chapter 13. While ten of the team focused on the risks, like Joshua and Caleb, we recognize out of consensus opportunities as well.

The raven in our logo is a nod to Felix Somary, one of the world’s greatest but forgotten economists, reintroduced by our co-founder James Rickards in his latest NY Times best-selling book, “The Road to Ruin.” Known as “The Raven of Zurich” for his extraordinary foresight in predicting the world’s major calamities well before his peers, Felix Somary is an exemplar of the value we provide to our partners.

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