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Have You Ever Wondered Why Communists Are Leading the War on Cash?

We’ve written about the war on cash many times, including the article above about the cash shortage in Puerto Rico. This is not a U.S. or even western phenomenon. It’s happening all over the world including socialist India. This article reports that the world leader in eliminating cash is Communist China. Why are Communists the leaders in

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The Drip, Drip, Drip of Dollar Denigration Continues

We have often made the point that the death of a reserve currency such as the dollar does not happen overnight. It happens little by little over years or decades in ways that most people don’t notice until it’s too late. It’s the death by a thousand cuts. A good case in point is the

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Cash Is Obsolete! (Until It’s Not)

You’ve seen a wave of articles over the past year about the death of cash. The news is everywhere. Famous Harvard Professor Ken Rogoff even wrote a book called The Curse of Cash. Australia is considering elimination of their $100 bill. The European Central Bank has already eliminated the €500 note. The Indian government unilaterally declared

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