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Even a $31 Million Cyber-Theft Can’t Stop The Bitcoin Bubble

As the article above shows, the crypto-currency world is full of hacks, frauds, bugs, and simple negligence that have caused billions of dollars of crypto-currencies to just disappear into cyber-space never to be seen again. This phenomena reminds me of the selective memory of most gamblers and stock investors. They’re always ready to tell you

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Crypto-Currency “Smart Contracts” Are Sending Billions Up in Smoke

As noted above, bitcoin is not the only form of digital crypto-currency. There are many others. One of the most popular is called ether (the name gives it away), based on the Ethereum platform. Ethereum is intended as much more than a crypto-currency protocol. It allows a user to program a so-called “smart contract” that

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Even The Preppers Are Dumping Gold For Bitcoin

Most observers have an image of preppers as living in a remote area with water, freeze-dried food (enough to last for several years), guns, ammo, gold, silver and some artisanal skills. They also have an image of bitcoin boosters as young, tech-savvy and fully-invested in a future that is onward, upward and more digital by

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Even Blockchain CEOs Believe Blockchain “Coin” Offerings Are Frauds

With so much talk about bitcoin, observers can be forgiven for not knowing that the blockchain is a lot bigger than just bitcoin. In fact, bitcoin is just one of hundreds of “coins” and “tokens” issued and traded on blockchain platforms. Even blockchain itself is not homogenous. There are basic blockchain applications such as bitcoin,

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