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Kim Jong Un Joins the Big Leagues in Missile Technology. Game Over?

The near three-month hiatus in North Korean strategic weapons tests is now over. Kim Jong Un had maintained a rapid operational tempo of nuclear bomb and ballistic missile tests throughout 2016 and 2017. These tests included progressively more powerful and more reliable missiles and North Korea’s first hydrogen bomb (exponentially more destructive than an atomic

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Catalonia’s “Succession” from Spain was Fake News.

A few weeks ago the media were filled with stories about the Catalonia “seceding” from Spain and setting itself up as an independent republic. There were mass demonstrations in the streets, some violence, and a determined band of secessionist political leaders giving incendiary speeches. The breathless media reporting referred to a “referendum” (which the Spanish

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There Are No Good Options for China. It’s Either a Recession or a Crash.

What’s next for China now that the Communist Party Congress is over and President Xi has solidified his power as the strongest Chinese ruler since Mao Zedong? China’s problems are well-known, including excessive non-payable debt, capital flight, corruption, pollution, and wasted infrastructure investment. The expectation is that President Xi will begin to address these structural

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The Tax Man Cometh, and This Time He Has Bitcoin in the Crosshairs.

I’ve warned for years that bitcoin enthusiasts were living in a La-La Land when it comes to taxes and regulations. Now the substance of those warnings is becoming the new reality for bitcoiners. Originally bitcoin was embraced by tekkies, libertarians, and anarcho-capitalists as a way to escape regulation, and other forms of government control. Their

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