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More Evidence That a New Bull Market in Gold Has Begun

While all the media hype lately has been about bitcoin, a sleeping giant in the monetary space has awakened. The sleeping giant is gold. The dollar price of gold per ounce was up 8.6% in 2016, 13.1% in 2017 and 2.7% so far in 2018. Overall, gold has rallied 27.3% from its low of $1,051

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Even the Criminals Are Ditching Bitcoin. Soon the Pyramid Will Collapse

My views on bitcoin are fairly well-known by now. It’s a fraud because proponents misrepresent the benefits by blurring the difference between the coin itself and the technology on which a blockchain is based. It’s a Ponzi because at least some of the unregulated exchanges that transact in bitcoin are pocketing investor dollars and crediting

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China Fires the First Shot in a New Financial War That Will Get Much Worse

This article is about a shot heard round the world. On Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2018, Bloomberg reported that government officials in Beijing were reviewing the composition of Chinese reserves and considering reducing their allocation to U.S. Treasury securities. The news sent Treasury note prices plunging, and the yield to maturity of the 10-year Treasury note shot

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