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The China Bad Debt Daisy Chain is Starting to Unravel

  The coming credit crisis in China is no secret. China has $1 trillion or more in bad debts waiting to explode. These bad debts permeate the economy. Some are incurred by Chinese Provincial authorities trying to get around spending limitations imposed by Beijing. Some are straight commercial loans on bank balance sheets. Some are

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Think Markets Are About the Crash? You’re Not Alone; The Elites Agree

  Warnings about an imminent collapse of developed economy stock markets, especially the U.S. markets, are everywhere. Whether you use Shiller’s CAPE ratio, Buffett’s preferred market-cap-to-GDP ratio, or traditional P/E ratios, markets seem overpriced and ready to fall. Of course, that does not mean they will fall anytime soon. As we saw in the bubble of

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Bitcoin Can Run But It Can’t Hide. Regulators Are Tightening the Noose

  The bad news just keeps coming for the bitcoin ecosphere. This article reports that China has ordered its banks to stop providing financial services for any cryptocurrency related transactions. This is important because customers wishing to buy or sell cryptocurrencies have to start by funding their crypto accounts from conventional banking sources. Also, when customers

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