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If You Don’t Have Enough Gold to Abandon the Dollar, Try Some Crypto!

It’s no secret that Russia, China, Iran, Turkey, Venezuela and many other nations are trying to escape from the U.S. dollar payment system. The U.S. throws its weight around in geopolitics by using economic sanctions, account freezes and blacklists aimed at political rivals. These punitive measures are backed up by U.S. control of the global

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The Fed Must Have Inflation. Failure Is Not an Option

The Fed says incessantly that “price stability” is part of their dual mandate and they are committed to maintaining the purchasing power of the dollar. But the Fed has a funny definition of price stability. Common sense says price stability should be zero inflation and zero deflation. A dollar five years from now should have the same

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The Wheels Are Coming off in China. Who’s Next in Line to Bite the Dust?

Anbang Insurance Group was one of China’s largest and most aggressive financial institutions, known for its huge customer base, high leverage and fast-paced deal-making. But 10 days ago, as detailed in this article, Anbang was taken over by the Chinese government. In a classic too-big-to-fail moment, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, a government financial regulator, took

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China’s “Growth” Model Is Mostly Smoke & Mirrors. Now It’s Breaking Down

Growth in GDP is conventionally defined as the sum of consumer spending, investment, government spending (excluding transfer payments) and net exports. Most large economies other than oil-producing nations get most of their growth from consumption, followed by investment, with relatively small contributions from government spending and net exports. A typical composition would show a 65%

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