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China Wants a National Blockchain. Big Brother is Watching Cryptos.

We’ve said frequently that we distrust most (not all) cryptocurrencies. We’ve also made the point that governments don’t go down without a fight and will not stand by while cryptocurrencies undermine their monopoly on money printing and monetary policy. Finally, we’ve also said that blockchain technology, what we call distributed ledger technology or DLT, has

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A New Asset Freeze Hits as Major Powers Prepare to Lock Down the System

We’ve warned for years about what we call “ice-nine.” This refers to government’s ability to lock down the financial system in the next global crisis. In the 2008 crisis, governments met the demand for liquidity by printing money, guaranteeing banks and money market funds and engaging in trillions of dollars of currency swaps. The problem

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Trade War Headlines Are Not a Flash in the Pan. This War Will Get Worse.

The stock market traded down when the trade war headlines first gained prominence in early February. Then stocks just as quickly bounced back on the view that Trump’s bark was worse than his bite, and that the tariffs and sanctions would be full of loopholes and exceptions. As this article shows, that may be wishful thinking. It’s

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