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U.S. Must Turn to Russia to Contain China

Vladimir Putin stands accused in the media and global public opinion of rigging his recent reelection, imprisoning his political enemies, murdering Russian spies turned double-agent, meddling in Western elections, seizing Crimea, destabilizing Ukraine, supporting a murderous dictator in Syria and exporting arms to terrorist nations like Iran. At the same time, the country of Russia

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Sweden Makes Cash Disappear as Russia Makes Treasury Notes Disappear

Dealing with the same topic of lackluster cash relevance in banks, this article is more sensational, but no less important. Just as Sweden is making the shift to electronic currency over cash, Russia is making U.S. Treasury securities disappear. According to an official U.S. Treasury report issued July 18, holdings of U.S. Treasury securities plunged 84%

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World’s Oldest Central Bank Leads the Way in Getting Rid of Cash

Fans who put forward the Bank of England as the world’s oldest central bank (1694) are swiftly reminded that the actual oldest central bank is the Sveriges Riksbank (Swedish Central Bank, 1668). So, when Stefan Ingves, Governor of the Sveriges Riksbank, gave remarks to the IMF recently, just published in the IMF Finance & Development

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