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A Trained Monkey Could Do Better

The first time I appeared on live financial television was August 15, 2007. It was a guest appearance on CNBC’s Squawk Box program at the early stages of the 2007-2008 financial crisis. Of course, none of us knew at that time exactly how and when things would play out, but it was clear to me that a

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One of the Top 2020 Election Issues You May Never Have Heard Of

The 2020 presidential election is well underway with Democratic politicians declaring their candidacy almost daily. There may be 20 or more Democratic candidates by the time the race is in full swing this spring. (There may be one or two primary challengers to Trump, but they won’t get far.) We know where Trump stands on

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Even With a 20% Correction, Stocks Are Still Overvalued

Major U.S. stock indexes fell about 20%, after achieving all-time highs in September 2018. A 20% fall is the technical definition of a bear market. Still, some analysts are questioning whether a bear market is actually in play or whether the drop was caused by algorithmic trading programs that tend to copy each other and

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Iran Is on a Path to War

Markets and Americans in general are relieved that tensions with North Korea have been reduced and denuclearization talks are progressing. But in a complex world, as soon as one crisis is mitigated, another crisis emerges. The new “hot spot” is Iran and its relations with Arab neighbors, Israel and the U.S. President Trump ended the

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How Are Those Tariffs Working out? Not Too Well for China

  The U.S.-China trade war started in January 2018 with Trump’s announcement of tariffs on solar panels and appliances that applied broadly, but were mostly aimed at China. It escalated quickly from there with China announcing retaliatory tariffs and Trump doubling down with more tariffs on Chinese steel and electronics. China escalated again and the

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