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After a Decade of Denial, Central Banks Admit Currency Wars Are Real

When I wrote my first book, Currency Wars, in 2011, I was met with a wave of rejection and ridicule from central bankers. They uniformly denied that monetary policy was used to manipulate exchange rates. They insisted that monetary policy was exclusively used to achieve domestic policy goals related to price stability and unemployment. The idea that

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Can Huawei Be Trusted With Your Data? Not Even Close

Huawei is China’s “national champion” in the field of digital technology and telecommunications. It is the largest cellphone maker in China and a leader in the next-generation 5G technology that will revolutionize mobile devices with much faster speeds for streaming and apps. A global struggle for dominance in 5G is underway between Huawei and various

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Cashless Society? Not So Fast. $100 Bills Are Now More Popular Than Ever

We’ve written many times about the move toward a cashless society, in which physical cash would become either obsolete or illegal (probably both) and all payments would be made in digital form with credit cards, debit cards, smartphones and other forms of electronic money. The motivation for this is to lock consumers into easily traceable

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Will The Mueller Report End the Trump Investigations? Don’t Bet on It

By now, most Americans are tired of the endless news reports about the Mueller investigation and allegations of “Russian collusion” by Donald Trump. There’s not a shred of evidence that Trump colluded with Russians, despite daily allegations for the past two years. (There’s ample evidence that Hillary Clinton did collude with Russians to produce the

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