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Huawei Is Backed by the Chinese Military. What’s in Your Cellphone?

The race is on for dominance in the coming world of 5G smartphones and telecommunications. 5G is an abbreviation of “fifth generation” in upload/download speeds and is the successor to the well-established 4G standard we use today. These much-higher speeds will allow more video and music streaming and downloads and enable more multitasking. The profits

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What Does Food Delivery Have To Do With Your Portfolio?

This article describes the rise of the food delivery business through the use of apps and gig economy drivers from Uber and other services. The delivery services reach agreement with a wide variety of restaurants and fast-food outlets to deliver their meals. Then they create an app and distribute this to a customer base that is oriented

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The Fight For 2020 Has Begun

The focus of the anti-Trump forces has shifted. Trump was not removed from office as his opponents had hoped. And the long-awaited Mueller report on “collusion” by Trump with Russia has turned out to be an anticlimax showing no collusion. In fact, Trump is on track to complete a mainly successful first term. Instead, the

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Will Trump Nominate Gold Standard Advocate to Fed?

Trump has already exerted more influence over one institution than any other president in over 100 years — the Federal Reserve. That’s because Trump has had more control over Fed personnel than any president since the Fed was founded in 1913. As I’ve written before, Trump now “owns” the Fed. When Trump was sworn in,

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