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Events Are Getting Hot in the Middle-East. Is War on the Horizon?

The list of international strategic hot spots keeps getting longer. There is significant potential for confrontation in North Korea, the South China Sea, the Taiwan Straits, the Gaza Strip, Venezuela, Ukraine and a long list of other unstable locales. As reported in this article, the newest addition to the list (and one that has been there

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Is The Economy Actually Growing or Are We Just Piling on More Debt?

The airwaves and political channels are filled with self-congratulations on 3.2% annualized growth in the first quarter of 2019. This is touted by Trump administration officials as “proof” that the 2018 tax cuts worked and we have now returned to the days of 3%-plus self-sustaining growth. Don’t believe it. Growth in Trump’s first year (2017)

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Is Bitcoin Back? or Is This Just Part 2 of Tulipomania?

By now you’ve seen the headlines about the return of bitcoin. Bitcoin mania is back! Bitcoin rose from about $2,000 in May 2017 to $20,000 by December 2017 in one of the greatest asset price bubbles in history. Then it crashed from $20,000 to $3,300 by December 2018, an 83.5% collapse in one year and

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Will China Use Its “Nuclear Option” in the U.S. Trade War?

The trade war was never going to be easy for China. There are several reasons for this. The easiest one boils down to third-grade math. In round numbers, the U.S. imports about $500 billion per year from China. In turn, China imports about $150 billion per year from the U.S. The difference is a $350

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