Following the 9/11 attacks, the US intelligence community became interested in the value of scanning global financial markets for indications and warnings of financial threats and adverse tactical and strategic developments that might leave signatures in financial space.

In 2005, Meraglim’s Chief Global Strategist, James G. Rickards, author, attorney and capital markets strategist, identified a proprietary dataset of variables that led to a prototype of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) called “Project Prophesy.”

Jim Rickards

The project had impressive results for a minimum of development time and cost, but like earlier programs by DARPA and the Pentagon, the CIA closed the project in 2007 for concerns regarding the potential appearance of “domestic spying,” and the technology was shelved.

Today, governments, key industrial sectors, and investment firms still face persistent and aggressive threats from external and internal bad actors. So far, the solution has been to focus primarily on cybersecurity and social media as indications of threats, while the signatures of critical market threats remain obscure.

Therefore, we took a multidisciplinary science approach and assembled Meraglim’s leadership, whose extensive research and experience allowed us to combine cutting-edge advances in behavioral psychology, causal inference, complexity theory, and textual analysis into a proprietary AI analytic engine. We then augment artificial intelligence with the historical perspective and analysis of global expert panels. The application of team science has created a robust and reliable 24/7 patent-pending Raven Predictive Analytics® software as a service (SaaS) that is simply unmatched in the market.

Our Name

Because our mission is to proactively identify threats and opportunities, we chose to name our firm after the Meraglim®, the reconnaissance team that Moses sent into the Promised Land described in Numbers Chapter 13. While ten of the team focused on the risks, like Joshua and Caleb, we recognize out of consensus opportunities as well.

The raven in our logo is a nod to Felix Somary, one of the world’s greatest but forgotten economists, reintroduced by our co-founder James Rickards in his latest NY Times best-selling book, “The Road to Ruin.” Known as “The Raven of Zurich” for his extraordinary foresight in predicting the world’s major calamities well before his peers, Felix Somary is an exemplar of the service we provide for our customers.

In addition to our unique service offering, the Meraglim® leadership have embraced a customer development model that keeps us sharply focused on our customers’ requirements and ensures them the enthusiastic and professional service of all of our staff. We are aware that you could take your business elsewhere, but we strive to provide you with a service so valuable to you that our business relationship continues for years to come.