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Cryptocurrencies and Criminality Continue to Walk Hand in Hand

Regular readers know I take a dim view of cryptocurrencies. They are not all the same, so one has to consider the differences in algorithms, governance and ceilings on issuance before making determinations on specific cryptos. That said, cryptos are generally nonscalable, nonsustainable and badly flawed from a monetary perspective. The coding and math can

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Federal Reserve Throws Cold Water on Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency

The biggest news in cryptocurrencies lately has been the announcement by Facebook of a new cryptocurrency called libra. With billions of Facebook users worldwide and established communications channels, Fakebook’s libra seems well positioned to succeed where other cryptocurrencies have failed. Libra is envisioned as a “stable coin,” which means that the value of one libra

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Trump’s New Fed Nominees Are on Their Way to Confirmation. Good News

There are currently two vacancies on the powerful board of governors of the Federal Reserve System. Those vacancies have persisted since the Obama administration. Obama thought Hillary Clinton would win the election in 2016 and fill the seats with reliable global elitists. Instead, Trump won and had the vacancies handed to him on a silver

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New Multi-year Gold Rally Has Emerged

The dollar price of gold has been on a roller-coaster ride for the past six years. But the past six weeks have been a turbocharged version of that. Investors should expect more of the same for reasons explained below. The six-year story is the more important for investors and also the more frustrating. Gold staged

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Trump Declares War

He is apparently declaring a currency war on the rest of the world. Trump resents China and Europe cheapening the yuan and the euro against the dollar in order to help their exports and hurt ours. He says it’s time for the U.S. to cheapen the dollar also. Trump has a point. If you put

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Iran May Be Heading for Collapse Without a Shot Being Fired

A lot of Americans breathed a sigh of relief after the recent attack on a U.S. drone by Iranian missiles. The world expected a swift counterattack by President Trump, perhaps in the form of a cruise missile aimed at the Iranian command center that conducted the attack on the drone. This could easily have escalated

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