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The Fourth Dimension: The Evolution of 4D Printing

By now, you have likely been wowed by the incredible technology of 3D printing. Currently, 3D printing is one of the most popular areas for technology research, as the industrial applications are abundant. Not only that, 3D printers have saturated the market, and are becoming increasingly more affordable and available to the public; you may

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The World-Changing Impact of Blockchain Technology

In the last few years, you may have heard some buzz about blockchain technology. In a recent report from the World Economic Forum, it was estimated that by 2025, 10 percent of the GDP will be stored using blockchains or within related technology.1 With this in mind, it is imperative to understand this technology so

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The Use of Data Analytics in Financial Markets

At Meraglim™, we take a multidimensional approach to our product. Not only do we give our clients access to our panel of prominent experts from a variety of fields, we also use an AI analytic engine to provide data analytics as a service (DAaS). More and more, companies are contracting companies to provide DAaS, as

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Smart Dust and Microelectromechanical Systems

Imagine a world in which tiny dust particles monitor everything on earth, providing seemingly endless amounts of data that has never been accessible before. These tiny sensors would float through the air and capture information about absolutely everything, from the temperature to the chemical composition of the air to any movements to even brainwaves. The

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Debt Deleveraging and the 2008 Financial Crisis

With the 2008 burst of the global credit bubble sparking the first global financial recession since the Great Depression, governments everywhere face an overwhelming amount of debt, making recovery a daunting task, even nearly a decade later. Debt still grows; in fact, every major economy has more debt than they did in 2007. Global government

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The Inextricable Link Between Psychology and Economics

There has long been a debate in the world of economics about the influence that behavioral psychology has over markets. Much of traditional economic theory, such as the Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH), works under the assumption that major players make rational and logical decisions objectively, leading to rational prices, and further analysis is largely useless.

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