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Sci Fi No More: The Reality of Quantum Computing

Despite the rapid evolution of technology over the last few decades, you may be surprised to learn that the computers we use today are not so different from the first computer built back in 1941. Your computer, while much smaller and faster than its 30-ton predecessors, performs fundamentally the same task: changing and interpreting binary

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The Past, Present, and Jaw-Dropping Potential Future of Virtual Reality

Every life experience, from our birth to our death, can be reduced down to electrical stimulation of our brains from sensory organs providing us with information about the world around us. “Reality” is our interpretation of these electrical signals, which means that our brains are essentially our own reality. Whatever you feel, hear, see, taste,

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What We Can Learn from Market Bubble Bursts

Just like the bubbles children blow on playgrounds, economic bubbles all eventually burst. However, people often have a short memory when it comes to these bubbles because it is difficult to see a bubble for what it is in real time. When we look back on price charts later, it is easy to identify bubbles,

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2017 U.S. Economic Trends

Though the financial crisis of 2008 is now nearly a decade behind us, we still see its impact in the global and U.S. economies alike today. As we begin 2017, we reflect on the economic trends of the recovery period of the last seven years: slow and underwhelming growth, low labor market participation, and high

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SDRs and Impending Inflation and Panic

Globally, we are on the precipice of a financial crisis. One event that is sure to spark inflation is the inevitable mass production of Special Drawing Rights (SDR) by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). SDRs are widely misunderstood, so when this does occur, it is likely to pass unnoticed by the majority. At minimum, this

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Currency Wars and the IMPACT Method

In 2011, founder Jim Rickards published his book “Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis,” which revealed the potentially devastating impact of the current currency war on the US. The current currency war may seem unpredictable; however, with the assistance of Meraglim’s innovative financial models and risk assessment software, you can have greater

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