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The Makings of a Global Debt Crisis Are in Place

In 2017, the financial world was filled with talk of synchronized sustainable growth in major economies for the first time since before the 2008 global financial crisis. This was being proclaimed by global financial elites including Christine Lagarde, head of the IMF. Now that vision is in ashes. Synchronized global growth has turned into a

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People Are Getting Chip Implants to Buy Coffee. Now They’re Owned

  We’ve written many articles on the move toward a “cashless society.” These articles describe how liberal academics such as Ken Rogoff and Larry Summers have campaigned for the elimination of cash and its replacement by 100% digital payments systems. This is part of a thinly veiled agenda to monitor all financial transactions, impose negative

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As Usual, the Fed Does Not Know What It’s Doing. Here’s Why

  Over the past five years, we’ve pointed to many examples of the Federal Reserve’s lack of knowledge as to how the U.S. economy actually works. The Fed has never accurately predicted a recession. The Fed has never seen a financial panic in advance. Fed growth forecasts are incorrect by orders of magnitude year after

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This Trend in Foreign Holdings of U.S. Treasury Notes Is Ominous

  When critics point to Japan’s debt-to-GDP ratio of over 200%, Japan’s defenders are quick to say that most of the Japanese debt is owned by the Japanese themselves in insurance companies, banks, pension plans and personal portfolios, not to mention the Bank of Japan. There’s truth in this. Japan has a highly homogenous culture.

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