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When It Seems There Are No More Bitcoin Frauds to Find We Find a New One

All financial markets experience some kind of fraud and manipulation, but bitcoin trading seems to have a special knack for it. First came the “wash trades,” where miners traded the same coin back and forth at progressively higher prices to create the appearance of a rising market. Then came “painting the tape,” where a single

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The Huawei Arrest Is Not a Sideshow. It’s the Shape of Things to Come

In the midst of stock market gyrations, revelations about Trump by Robert Mueller and former FBI Director James Comey testifying before Congress came a story that received far less attention but may be far more important in the end. This article reports that the CFO of Huawei was arrested in Vancouver, Canada, on a warrant issued by

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Putin Speaks on the Dollar Again. You Can’t Say You Weren’t Warned

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has expressed his disdain for the global U.S. dollar- based payments system so many times that few are still paying attention. The problem is that every time Putin speaks, his position grows stronger from the time before. Russia is buying about 30 tons of gold per month and has increased its

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What Do Elites Get Wrong? Just About Everything

  I usually don’t circulate articles in which almost everything the author says is way off base, but sometimes it’s instructive to see just how wrong our most famous commentators can be. This article is written by Anatole Kaletsky, a prominent financial analyst and globalist. It was written in advance of the G-20 meeting in Buenos Aires

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