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At Last, an Honest Central Bank: “Gold Is the Perfect Piggy Bank”

We normally don’t include central bank blogs in our weekly media links. They tend to be boring and technical (just like central banks). But this article caught our eye. It’s from the website of De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), the central bank of the Netherlands. DNB owns 600 tons of pure gold bullion. About 31% of this gold

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A New Fed Manipulation Is Coming

The problem with any kind of market manipulation is that there’s no way to end it without unintended and usually negative consequences. Manipulation by government agencies and central banks always starts out with good intentions. They are trying to “save” the banks or “save” the market from extreme outcomes or crashes. Of course, this desire

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Russian Nukes in Venezuela? Don’t Rule It Out

Are there Russian nuclear weapons in Venezuela today? According to this article, the answer is yes. I’m not so sure myself. The sourcing in this article is from a single member of Congress who does not offer any proof to back up the claim. Still, the presence of nukes in Venezuela is a possibility that cannot be

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