Many of those who warn of near-term economic collapses or market panics are consigned to the fringes of economic analysis. The mainstream analysts at university faculties or Wall Street banks are almost unanimous in saying, “All is well.”

Most predict years of strong growth ahead, higher stock prices and higher interest rates. Of course, these are the same people who told you Brexit would never happen and Hillary would be president and who never saw the 2008 panic coming when it was staring them in the face. That’s why it’s a big deal when a member of the economic elite breaks ranks and tells it like it is.

Harvard Professor Kenneth Rogoff is a former chief economist at the IMF and best-selling author of several books on systemic risk and market crashes. In this article, Rogoff reviews several new books on the history of the 2008 financial panic and warns that such a panic could happen again, possibly very soon.

When the elites warn of market crashes, the warning is often aimed not at everyday investors but at other elites so they can begin preparing for a crash before others have a chance to get out of the market.

With Rogoff’s warning in hand, you should not be the last to be get ready. Start now to decrease equity allocations and increase your allocations to cash and gold so you can weather the coming storm.

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