It’s almost impossible to have a rational discussion about climate change. That’s not because there is no good science and nothing to debate. It’s because the “climate change” brigades ignore science and rely on ideology, intimidation and propaganda to advance their cause.

Here are a few simple facts to bear in mind (all backed by solid science): Of course the climate changes. Long Island Sound used to be a glacier. But it changes slowly and in ways that are difficult to predict and impossible to change.

CO2 does not cause warming; it’s the other way around. There is some evidence that warming causes CO2 to be released. Saying CO2 causes warming is like saying umbrellas cause rain.

Regardless, the warming trend that was observed halted in the late 1990s. Blaring headlines about “record” warm years leave out the fact that the so-called records are measured in hundredths of a percent of one degree and are within the margin of error.

Sea levels are rising about 1.5mm per year. That’s the height of a penny viewed sideways, or about seven inches in 100 years assuming the trend doesn’t reverse (which it well may), hardly enough to inundate the New York subways or Pacific Islands (which are expanding, by the way). Sea levels rose 400 feet after the last ice age. If humans survived 400 feet, they can easily adapt to 7 inches, if that.

Polar bear populations are expanding exponentially and the polar bears are getting fatter — hardly the forlorn portrayal in Al Gore’s phony movie An Inconvenient Truth.

Every past prediction of climate-related doom has proved false. The new ones are no different.

I could go on, but you get the point: The climate alarmists are perpetrating a hoax.

If that’s true (it is), then why does this article suggest that major corporations are jumping on board the idea of a carbon tax? The reason is that they fear something much worse (such as the Green New Deal) and want to get out ahead of the problem by paying a carbon tax and otherwise laying the issue to rest.

A carbon tax can be passed on to consumers (just like beer and cigarette taxes) without shutting down the energy industry. These companies realize that the climate change alarmists are really socialists in disguise who want to radically change capitalist economies into poverty-stricken communes.

The carbon tax is a small price to pay to avoid the wrath of the radicals and ideologues. The only problem is that you and I will be the ones paying it.

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