Prior to and during the Holocaust, Jews in Nazi Germany were required to wear yellow six-pointed star badges on the outside of their clothes. Other targeted groups including gays, Catholics and Romani also had to wear unique insignia. This proved helpful to the Nazis when the time came to round up the targets and send them to death camps (euphemistically called “concentration camps”).

Now Google is working on a similar project for the Communist Chinese. As described in this article, Google is building a search app for China (called “Project Dragonfly”) that will flag queries using words or phrases such as “human rights.”

Once users are flagged for such searches, they will be put under state surveillance and tracked with facial recognition software. Eventually, the targets could end up in modern-day Chinese concentration camps for brainwashing and so-called “reeducation.”

In this article, Google’s CEO attempts to rationalize such reprehensible behavior. This is one more reason to steer clear of certain highflying tech stocks. It’s possible to make money in Google. But would your conscience be clear knowing you’re helping Communists round up victims for concentration camps?

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