We’ve reported extensively on Russia’s accumulation of gold, their development efforts at a private internet and cryptocurrency to control communications and money and actions the they’ve taken to defeat U.S. economic sanctions. Where is all of this leading?

This article provides some of the answers. At a meeting of Russian students and professors at Russia’s Diplomatic Academy, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov flatly declared that the Western powers, led by the United States, have been developing a globalist new world order with the intention of forcing developing economies, including Russia, to give up sovereignty and submit to the U.S. model of how nations should handle their currencies and trading patterns.

This new world order will force smaller economies such as Russia to adhere to global norms and rules imposed by the U.S. and its globalist allies in Europe, Japan and Canada. Lavrov said that these efforts are a form of “blackmail” aimed at Russia and they should be rejected and resisted. He encourages the Russian diplomats-in-training to take tough negotiating stances and use creativity in meeting this challenge of the new world order.

This implies that Russia is free to answer with its own version of a new world order that includes gold-backed currencies, cryptocurrencies and contained forms of internet communications that limit the ability of U.S. media to influence Russian public opinion.

This struggle is at the early stages and will not go away soon. Individuals can protect their net worth in this Russia-U.S. crossfire by acquiring the one asset that Russia is buying and the U.S. already has — gold.

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