In the past two years, the deep state has moved from conspiracy theory to a threatening reality.

The idea of lifetime government operatives buried throughout the U.S. bureaucracy communicating with each other and pursuing their own agenda regardless of any liberal or conservative leadership has been around for a while, but it has been viewed skeptically by many. Since the start of the Trump administration, much evidence has come to light suggesting the FBI, CIA and other agencies did in fact have hidden agendas to disrupt Trump’s policies and possibly lead to a silent coup d’état or even impeachment or removal from office under the 25th Amendment.

Of course, the mainstream media dismissed such speculation as tinfoil hat behavior even as the media acted as a ready outlet for leaks from deep state suspects.

Finally, as reported in this article, we have smoking-gun evidence that the deep state is real. The article reports on a midlevel State Department operative who belongs to a communist-affiliated group called the Democratic Socialists of America and who vows support for the resistance to Trump. Best of all, the reporting includes a recorded conversation with this operative who admits he’s part of the resistance and boasts about the fact that “it’s almost impossible to fire federal employees.”

Of course, this individual is not alone. There are thousands like him. Still, this video removes the deep state from the shadows and shows it’s a reality that will be difficult to root out and destroy.

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