Who are the “Five Eyes”? The Five Eyes are one of the most important and secretive intelligence agency collectives in the world. The Five Eyes are the intelligence services of the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Australia and New Zealand.

Intelligence services hold their information closely and are reluctant to share it with other intelligence services for fear that this may disclose sources and methods. Most intelligence-sharing operations are tightly structured to involve minimum numbers of individuals and minimum amounts of intelligence and are used only where common interests outweigh disclosure risks. The Five Eyes are different.

Because all members are English-speaking democracies with strong cultural ties and shared interests, the willingness to share information is much greater. (The Five Eyes were portrayed fictionally as the “Nine Eyes” in the recent James Bond film Spectre.) In fact, the activities of the Five Eyes are broadened on occasion to include Germany and Japan as a de facto “Seven Eyes.”

This article reports that the Five Eyes have now agreed to coordinate their surveillance efforts and share information pertaining to China’s efforts to engage in financial and commercial warfare and to expand its influence in the Western Pacific and Central Asia. This report shows that China has been moved from the category of a competitor to a threat.

This development is one more reason why Western investors should be wary of investing in China or engaging too closely with its business and political elites.

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