This article offers a fascinating peek inside Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado. Cheyenne Mountain is a military command and control complex buried 2,000 feet underground, carved out of solid granite, and able to withstand a direct hit from a nuclear bomb. The military uses it to monitor and respond to threats from all sources including terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, strategic adversaries and cyber-attacks.

This is not the only highly secure, attack-proof operations center the U.S. government has. The Raven Rock site is in Pennsylvania, not far from Gettysburg and the Maryland border. Raven Rock is a “back-up Pentagon” where the military will run war operations if the actual Pentagon comes under attack. Mount Weather is a civilian complex near Bluemont, Virginia in the Blue Ridge Mountains, which will serve as an emergency operations bunker for the U.S. government if there is a need to abandon the Capitol. There are nuclear bomb-proof underground bunkers in the Greenbriar Hotel in West Virginia, which for decades served as a back-up location for Congress to conduct business in the event of a nuclear attack on Washington.

All of which begs a question. The government is completely prepared for every kind of nuclear, chemical, biological or terror attack or for any natural disaster. Are you? Where’s your back-up? What is your recourse in the event of a catastrophic breakdown of infrastructure, communications and social order?

Not everyone can afford multiple properties and disaster-proof infrastructure. But almost anyone can afford a $10,000 monster box of 500 one-ounce pure silver coins from the U.S. mint. In an extreme case, digital money won’t work, but pure silver coins will. You’ll be able to trade them for food and water to feed your family and fuel to keep warm.

The government’s ready. You should be too.

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