What do you get when you combine artificial intelligence, human intelligence experts, behavioral psychology, history, and complexity science? You get something that looks like magic. You get RAVEN™, patent pending, the predictive tool developed by Meraglim™ for analysts and investors.
In today’s episode, Kevin Massengill, Meraglim’s founder and CEO, argues that the emperor has no clothes: the shell game that is our financial system is on the ropes. To thrive in today’s market, investors need a way to aggregate and distill the available data so that intelligent investment decisions can be made.
In today’s episode you’ll learn:
  • About Kevin’s career path and about how and why he teamed up with Jim Rickards to build Meraglim™
  • How RAVEN™, patent pending, is changing the way analysts distill and digest information
  • About Meraglim’s business model
  • Kevin’s thoughts about sound investments and cryptocurrencies