What do you get when you combine artificial intelligence, human intelligence experts, behavioral psychology, history, and complexity science? You get something that looks like magic. You get RAVEN, the predictive tool developed by Meraglim for analysts and investors.
In today’s episode, Kevin Massengill, Meraglim’s founder and CEO, argues that the emperor has no clothes: the shell game that is our financial system is on the ropes. To thrive in today’s market, investors need a way to aggregate and distill the available data so that intelligent investment decisions can be made.
In today’s episode you’ll learn:
  • About Kevin’s career path and about how and why he teamed up with Jim Rickards to build Meraglim
  • How RAVEN is changing the way analysts distill and digest information
  • About Meraglim’s business model
  • Kevin’s thoughts about sound investments and cryptocurrencies