In 2009, I was a facilitator and participant in the Pentagon’s first-ever financial war game. The Pentagon has done war games for decades using troops, tanks, missiles and aircraft carriers, but the 2009 war game was the first one where the weapons of choice were stocks, bonds, currencies and derivatives.

I wrote about this financial war game at length in Chapters One and Two of my first book, Currency Wars. In that war game, we played a scenario where Russia and China acquired large amounts of gold and launched a new gold-backed currency to end the reign of King Dollar as the world’s principal reserve currency.

Guess what? Since that war game, Russia and China have tripled their gold reserves exactly as we warned the Pentagon. Now a real world financial war is getting serious.

As this article shows, senior U.S. military officers are warning that China is weaponizing its financial wealth and using it to gain the strategic high ground in their global effort to reduce the power of the United States. Most of China’s financial weapons come in the form of hard currency reserves accumulated though huge trade surpluses with the United States.

President Trump is responding with tariffs and sanctions on Chinese goods to try to get that deficit under control. Better late than never. The Pentagon can always go back and look at the transcripts of the online chats from our 2009 war game to see how this will play out.

Individuals should acquire gold to preserve wealth. So should the U.S. Treasury if they want to be prepared for the endgame in this new financial war.