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Just the mention of Hillary Clinton running for president in 2020 is enough to get eyes rolling on both sides of the aisle. Democrats want no part of her because she lost an “easy” election in 2016 and stuck the country with Trump. Republicans are even more derisive.

The more activist types will probably start to yell, “Lock her up!” She looks like she has no friends to support a candidacy anywhere. But don’t count her out. She does have supporters, some of whom are intensely loyal.

She is quick to remind political types and the media that she got about 3 million more votes than Donald Trump in 2016 (true). All she needed was a few hundred thousand more votes in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and she’d be president today. She doesn’t have to turn any Trump voters around, just increase turnout slightly to win.

Yet hasn’t the 2020 campaign already started and left her behind? According to this article, that’s not exactly correct.

Hillary is staging rallies that are getting large crowds and an enthusiastic response. One look at the Democratic field suggests there is room for a well-known candidate like Hillary.

Biden has a lot of baggage from the Obama administration and some scandals of his own. He comes off as old and tired. Sanders is an anathema to mainstream Democrats because of his extreme socialist views. Warren is brainy but not well-liked. The rest are untried and are dealing in platitudes.

Adlai Stevenson lost the presidential election in 1952 and was renominated in 1956 (he lost again). Nixon lost in 1960 and was renominated in 1968 (he won). There are many similar examples.

If Biden loses momentum and the Democratic convention looks deadlocked, don’t be surprised if the party calls Hillary from the sidelines as their white knight. Stranger things have happened.

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