Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing

IBM Research Labs builds applications that enable humans to collaborate with powerful AI technologies to discover, analyze and tackle the world’s greatest challenges.


Managed Cloud & Data Services

Design, build and host customizable online or mobile platforms, with leading financial market content and built in API capabilities streaming.

Next Generation UI Product Design & Development

Designers of Tony Stark-Iron Man and the Marvel Universe computers, Perception conceptualizes new and unexpected ways of integrating clients core brand attributes into the most cutting edge UI designs.

Academy Award Winning UX

Immersive photo-realistic virtual reality, optimal learning platform and impactful client differentiation. Won Oscars for their support to both Lord of the Rings and Avatar.


Outsourced Inside & Outside Sales

Sales Partnerships, Inc. (SPI) #1 ranked outsourced selling solution for mid-sized firms, global enterprises, and venture-backed entities.

Corporate Legal Counsel

Ogier is a tier 1 international corporate law firm specializing in intellectual property, technology and digital businesses.

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