dreamstime_xxl_47358499There are a handful of bulge bracket investment banking firms that offer insight to management and risk analysis; the problem is that this information collected is not readily available- that is, until now.

At Meraglim, our products allow us to augment our behavioral and predictive models with seasoned, professional, and interdisciplinary analysis providing answers and analysis to time-critical questions. Operating in a 24/7 real-time monitoring and analysis center, you can fully trust our multi-sourced, global market data streamed straight to you.

Our Products

Our financial technology startup, FinTech, is the first to repurpose the predictive data analytics, providing advanced warning of terrorist attacks and other hostile acts. With this unique technological service, our clients will be able to access our proprietary models which are developed in collaboration with the world’s most famous research laboratories, making them more reliable and congruent with reality and disciplines from complexity science.

We are one of the only firms using financial models based on cutting edge research in the complexity of science. We offer the support of an interdisciplinary panel of subject matter experts who will be available on short notice for our clients to better understand the nature and likely impacts of identified threats in correlation to the financial industry.

Understanding your risks and threats may be all it takes to achieve greatness. You can succeed with Meraglim and one of the services listed below:

  • Threat Intelligence Services
  • Machine-Readable Threat Intelligence
  • Threat Intelligence Management
  • Threat Mitigation

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