Predictive Analytics Software as a Service (SaaS)

Billions of dollars are spent every year by the world’s major banks and investment firms in pursuit of the value promised by big data analytics. But no matter how much money is spent and how many data scientists are put on the problem, your output will only be as good as your models. At Meraglim, we believe global leaders and institutional investors are relying on invalid and unreliable financial models that fail to recognize financial markets are complex adaptive systems. The result is not just inept central bank monetary policies but flawed models leave market participants vulnerable to risks for which they are simply not prepared.

What We Offer

Meraglim will provide disruptive, proprietary, predictive analytics in capital markets with augmented intelligence integrating team science, delivered in a visual data center personalized for each institutional investor and government user.

Meraglim will be the first firm in the world to re-purpose the predictive analytics conceived for the US intelligence community and integrate a multidisciplinary science blend of analytic tools, including behavioral psychology, causal inference, complexity theory, computing with words, textual analysis, and historical perspective.

We are initially developing two analytic engines:

RAVEN by Meraglim™, a predictive analytics software as a service (SaaS) platform, and the Omega, a zero-hour systemic risk indicator.

Both will identify global threats and opportunities for institutional investors and government agencies through a 24/7 Indications and Warnings dashboard and a state of the art visual data center.

Meraglim™ Predictions (Example)

North Korea and Fed Interest Rate Policy

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