Huawei is China’s “national champion” in the field of digital technology and telecommunications. It is the largest cellphone maker in China and a leader in the next-generation 5G technology that will revolutionize mobile devices with much faster speeds for streaming and apps.

A global struggle for dominance in 5G is underway between Huawei and various U.S. companies including Apple, AT&T and Verizon as well as European competitors such as T-Mobile (Deutsche Telekom) and Vodafone. What sets Huawei apart is that much of its technology was stolen from Western firms and its equipment comes with hidden back doors and trapdoors designed to steal your personal information and relay it to the Communist Party of China for purposes of surveillance, blackmail and theft.

The CFO of Huawei is currently under arrest in Canada awaiting extradition to the U.S. to stand trial on charges of sanctions violations. This article reports that Huawei denies these allegations and claims that it would not hand over customer data to the Chinese government. But experts point out that Huawei really has no choice and that if the Chinese government wants the data (they will), then Huawei will have no choice except to turn them over.

Western companies and governments are banding together to deny Huawei access to or participation in their new 5G systems for reasons of national security. China is retaliating by denying Western companies opportunities in the Chinese mobile phone market. In the end, the world is likely to have two 5G systems, one in the West that excludes Huawei and one in China than bans Western firms.

This may be suboptimal from the perspective of uniform standards and interoperability, but it is the price everyone must pay to preserve national security against Chinese attacks.

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