It’s almost impossible to have a reasonable discussion about climate change. That’s because the science has been hijacked and politicized in support of a political agenda that would not have any following at all but for the “fear factor” that proponents instill using climate change as a cudgel.

As George Orwell warned 70 years ago, plain language is the first casualty of any ideological crusade. Such is the case with “climate change.”

First a few facts: Climate change is a reality, always has been, always will be. The climate is always changing, albeit slowly and in unpredictable ways. I used to live on Long Island Sound, a beautiful body of water. Long Island Sound used to be a glacier (that’s why there are rocks along the Connecticut coast, what geologists call a glacial moraine). So I saw the effects of climate change every time I looked out the window of my writing studio.

Is climate change caused by CO2 emissions? The best evidence is no.

CO2 is a miniscule part of the atmosphere. For millions of years, CO2 levels have been much higher than they are today. We’re actually suffering a CO2 “drought” today, which is damaging to plant life (plants “breathe” CO2 in order to produce oxygen). Any correlation between CO2 levels and warming temperatures is not causal.

Evidence at the granular level shows warming causes CO2 to be released, not the other way around. Sea levels are rising at about 1.5 mm per year — that’s the width of a penny held sideways. At that rate, you might get a six-inch rise in sea levels in 100 years if it persists, which is unlikely. That’s hardly enough to deluge Pacific islands or the New York subways, as the alarmists claim.

When climate alarmists say “97% of scientists” agree with them, you should know that figure is pure invention. Ask for a source, they don’t have one. When alarmists say the science is “settled,” you should know that science is never settled and no serious scientist would claim that.

With so much evidence pointing to the absence of a climate crisis, why are globalists, left-wing journalists, paid-off researchers and uninformed liberals up in arms about climate change?

Some are just naïve. But many are using climate change to pursue a political agenda of world government and world taxation. A good example is Adair Turner, the author of this article.

If you have a global goal (world government), you need a global problem to advance the goal. Climate change is a perfect candidate because climate does not respect borders or national governance. This not-so-hidden agenda is also revealed in the Green New Deal, which pivots deftly from CO2 emissions to health care and other liberal causes without skipping a beat.

It’s important to study this topic and arm yourself with the facts. A good place to start is The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change. From there you can move to the primary sources cited in the book.

If you don’t master this topic, prepare to pay the higher taxes and deal with the tighter regulations advanced by the climate alarmists.

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